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Macaron Baking with Le Foodist in Paris, France

After Isaak and I visited Paris earlier this fall, a few friends have asked for recommendations of unique things to do, see, and eat while in the beautiful city of love. My answer for all three? Le Foodist

Baking macarons at Le Foodist

Located in a cozy multi-level space in the Latin Quarter, Le Foodist offers baking and cooking classes, wine tasting, and food tours. 

We took a macaron baking class (it was actually a surprise birthday present for me: thank you, Isaak!) and it was one of my favorite parts of our entire trip. You might already know that I am a huge baking nerd - I follow the Great British Bake Off religiously each season - so this was a dream come true. 

Piping the macarons

The silicon baking sheet had guidelines to help make sure each macaron was the perfect size

Isaak working on his piping skills

Ready for the oven!

Piping ganache filling onto the shells

The crispy edge of the macaron is called the “foot”

The espresso-chocolate ganache was unbelievably delicious

Isaak adding ganache to our macarons

I had never tried making macarons before. They are so pretty, and also so intimidating! But our instructor, who taught our small class of 8 people step-by-step in English, made it seem easy. We all kept saying “I can’t believe I made that!” 

The macaron batter!

Carefully piping our shapes

They baked so quickly - and perfectly!

This is one of my favorite parts of any recipe.

I started photographing after our batter was complete, because it was a bit messy up until we starting piping the shell shapes. We baked the macarons on a silicon baking sheet, which was a new kitchen tool for me. Isaak was surprised at how quickly they baked! The espresso-chocolate ganache filling that we created was delicious. Matching up the shells to create perfect-looking sandwiches was also fun. 

Isaak matching up halves for the macaron

Waiting for assembly!

Placing the final product on our tray

Ready for presentation in the tea room!

After our entire group was finished, we presented our creations on tiered glass trays in Le Foodist’s sweet and airy front tea room. We loved getting to chat with the other group members about their travels, and with our instructor about living and cooking in Paris. (All of the baking classes include tea time at the end. We also saw a wine tasting class going on in their dining room downstairs! That might be on the list for our next visit…)

The tea room at Le Foodist

A close up view of our macarons!

Another pâtisserie class being held at the same time also let us sample their cream puffs!

Macaron baking at Le Foodist

All four macaron varieties from our class (clockwise from top left: ours, espresso-chocolate; vanilla; pink lemonade; chocolate

Can’t you almost taste the chocolate?

Interested in taking a class with Le Foodist? I could not recommend it enough! You can check out the different classes they offer + availabilities on their website

We had so many macarons that we were able to take some back for our AirBnb host as a thank you gift

Our tray of macarons

One last close-up view!

They are located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, right by the Cardinal Lemoine Métro stop. However, we chose to walk from Notre-Dame, which was a perfect way to stretch our legs. Our route took us past Shakespeare & Company (Isaak’s favorite), a local open-air market, and beautiful boutiques de fleuriste and boulangeries


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Still planning your next trip? Same! (Always.) You can take $40 off your first trip with AirBnb using this link! We stayed at an adorable, quaint little flat in Le Marais, and it was within walking distance to almost everything on our list. 


To see more photos from our Paris trip, visit my Travel page, or check out my recent Instagram posts. 

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